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E-Hookah Head Comparison: Which One Should You Buy? (2017 Update)

  • January 28, 2017 /
e-hookah head comparison: which one should you buy?

Let’s face it: vaping is now officially mainstream. More and more people are putting away traditional tobacco accessories and moving to e-liquid devices. There are a lot of reasons for this, but a big one has to be the fact that vaping is just down-right convenient. The technology itself is getting better and better with each passing day, and the reasons to partake in traditional tobacco smoking are becoming slimmer and slimmer.


​Case and point: the sudden rise of E-Hookah Heads (or E-Hookah Bowls...these terms mean the same thing). Unlike traditional hookahs, these e-hookah heads don’t require tobacco and charcoal. When you get down to the nitty gritty, their basic functions are not really different at all from what you find with your everyday e-cigarette: they have an atomizer, a battery, a chamber, and they work with e-liquid. There’s nothing mysterious about them.







ePuffer TC100W



2 x Replaceable/
Rechargeable 18650
(each 2500mAh)

7W to 100W, Temp control:
200F to 600F

Aspire Proteus



2 x Replaceable/
Rechargable 18650
(each 2500mAh)

Max Output 70W


Volt E-Vapor



Internal Rechareable

3.2V to 6.0V

Square E-Head





3.2V to 6.0V

Starbuzz Wireless



Internal Rechargeable

10W to 40W


What is an E-Hookah Head?

E-hookah heads require the use of an actual hookah pipe. Which means that, unlike early “e-hookahs,” they’re not simply glorified e-cigarettes. The vapor passes through a water-filled base before coming out of a hookah hose. The result is strikingly similar to that of smoking actual hookah tobacco, but without the mess and the inevitable fire hazards. Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The problem? Once upon a time, e-hookah heads were the definitive niche product; only a handful of manufacturers actually made them, so choices were slim. In other words, if you wanted to try out an e-hookah head, you didn’t really have to make any serious decisions as to which one you should get. Limited? Sure. Easy? You betcha.

Fast forward to now, and more and more companies are starting to jump aboard the e-hookah head train. This is great for consumers like you and me, but the market is starting to get a little crowded, and for newbies it’s probably a little confusing. To make matters even sticker, e-hookah heads aren’t exactly cheap–they usually run somewhere around the $100 mark. It probably won’t break the bank for a lot of us, but it still isn’t chump change. You don’t want to be stuck with a lemon.​

Why choose an e-hookah head, period?

I get asked this question a lot, especially from friends who already vape. It's usually prefaced by something like "why not just buy a vape mod instead?"

E-hookah heads aren't for everyone, there's no doubt about that. But they do come with two significant advantages over their more portable brethren, especially for seasoned hookah smokers. 

  • E-hookah heads provide a cooler vape. Vaping in general requires e-liquid to be heated up by an atomizer. The resulting vapor is therefore warm, and is cooled based on the distance it travels before it hits your lungs. With e-hookah heads, the vapor has to travel through a hookah pipe (and water) before it gets to you. End result--the coolest vape you can get this size of a freezer hose.
  • More social. Passing around a personal vape device can be awkward. Passing around a hookah pipe? Perfectly normal...expected, actually!

For hookah smokers looking to switch to vaping, things are a little more straightforward. Though vaping isn't exactly the same as smoking hookah, it's pretty close, and even closer with an e-hookah head. It's also significantly cleaner--no ash, no sticky shisha, no smoke, and no carpet burns (!!!).

Which e-hookah head should you buy?

Which brings us to the big question: which e-hookah head should you buy? For the remainder of this article, we’ll take a look of the five best ones available right now, so you make the most informed buying decision.


Price: $49.99

While Aspire is well known among the vape crowd, their Proteus is a newer player in the e-hookah head game, and it shows–-and I mean that in the best way possible. This is a modern device through and through, from the sleek no-nonsense design all the way to its dual-battery sub-ohm capabilities.

Read our full review here!​


Like the ePuffer detailed above, the Proteus is unique from other e-hookah heads in that it’s a sub-ohm device. It’s therefore capable of higher vapor production, which means more flavor and bigger clouds.

It uses two 18650 batteries which are–drumroll please–replaceable! The Proteus features a 10ml tank, which sits on top of the device so you know exactly how much e-liquid you have left.

Why You Should Consider the Aspire Proteus

I’ve personally been waiting a while for a sub-ohm e-hookah head. It just makes so much sense. Most former hookah smokers I know who switched to vaping have opted for sub-ohm box kits, and finally being able to use one on top of a hookah is kind of a dream come true. Beyond that, the replaceable batteries are a big win.

What to Look Out For

This is the only e-hookah head on this list that doesn't feature variable wattage or voltage. While this does simplify things, it also makes it the least customizable of the lot.


Price: $99.99

Starbuzz is well known in hookah circles for their premium shisha, and with their line of hose-style e-hookahs, they've been in the vaping game for quite a few years. What sets their Wireless E-Head apart from their previous vape products, though, is that it's an e-hookah bowl.


​The Starbuzz Wireless E-Head has four different wattage settings: from 10w all the way to 40w. Similar to the Volt E-Vapor and the Square E-Head, it features a removable and replaceable clearomizer tank, and can be used with any brand/mixture of e-liquid.

Why You Should Consider the Starbuzz Wireless E-Head

Unlike many of their hookah-centric competitors, Starbuzz aren't new to vaping--like I said, they've been selling hose-style vaping devices for years. Thankfully, unlike their older devices, the Wireless E-Head doesn't require flavor cartridges: you use whichever e-liquid you'd like.

It's also just a real neat looking device. It's sports a modern--dare I say edgy?--design, that just begs to be placed on an equally-angular hookah pipe.

What to Look Out For

This is the one e-hookah head on this list that I haven't personally tried yet, so I don't know how well it functions compared to the other. The few user reviews I found, though, were very positive. ​


Price: $79.99

This awesome product from e-cigarette pioneers ePuffer is proof that there's still plenty of room for innovation when it comes to e-hookahs. It's the most feature-rich e-hookah bowl on this list, and probably in the market period. And it's also one of the least expensive. Lots of winning happening here.

The ePuffer TC100W is currently my favorite e-hookah head on the market right now, and I've been using it pretty much exclusively. For more details, read our full review ePuffer TC100W here!


The ePuffer E-Hookah sports a whopping 50ml tank, two replaceable 2500mAh batteries, an ingenious top-fill design, and it still costs less than most e-hookah heads .

Why You Should Consider the ePuffer E-Hookah Head

This is, without a doubt, the evolution of e-hookahs. Beyond it's massive tank and replaceable batteries, the ePuffer E-Hookah also features fully adjustable wattage (7W up to 100W) with built in temperature control, making it the most customizable e-hookah head yet.

ePuffer 100w E-Hookah Head

It comes pre-loaded with a 0.2 ohm NI200 atomizer (with an additional one in the package), and additional atomizers can be purchased in packs of five for $19.99--which is considerably cheaper than what Square (and it's many clones) charge for their replacement parts.

What to Look Out For

Make sure to read the instructions! Unlike most e-hookah heads, the ePuffer E-Hookah is designed more or less like a regular sub-ohm box mod. It took me forever figuring out how to turn this thing on. Once I gave in and read the user manual, though, it was smooth sailing (FYI you have to press the power button five times to turn it on--like every other standard box mod on the planet *facepalm*).

Also--as this is a sub-ohm vape device, the ePuffer E-Hookah works best with higher VG and lower nicotine.


Price: $149.99

The Square E-Head may have been one of the first e-hookah bowls on the market, but let’s face it: they’re not alone anymore, and they’re not exactly the cheapest option available when it comes to offering refillable e-hookah chambers. Case and point: the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl, device that’s remarkably similar to the E-Head, but without the annoying 6V bug.


On paper, the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl is remarkably similar to the Square E-Head. Like it’s older, more well known competitor, the E-Vapor features a replaceable and refillable clearomizer tank, a 2400 mAh battery, variable voltage (3.2 to 6V), and an LED display with battery meter, puff counter, and an inhale counter. Though it doesn’t look like a traditional hookah bowl, it still works the same way, and should fit on top of your favorite hookah pipe without any hassle.​

Check out my full review of the Volt E-Vapor here.

​Why You Should Consider the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl

The Volt E-Vapor is not sub-ohm--it features a 2.0 ohm coil. Despite my earlier gushing over sub-ohm e-hookah heads, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I've used one for over two years, and ​I still get massive, tasty clouds of hookah-like vapor. The atomizers last a while, too. Oh, and in case you were wondering--it uses the exact same tank and atomizer as the Square E-Head.

After years of use, I've found the Volt E-Vapor to be a somewhat more superior product than the Square E-Head. It features a basic, boring design--but thanks to an almost all-metal body, it's a durable piece of equipment. Even after two years of heavy, heavy use, my one is still going strong.​

What To Look Out For

Unlike Square’s E-Head, the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl isn’t as widely used a product. This is probably because the branding isn't as well known, but there’s something else I discovered after doing a little bit of research on this bad bad: it’s actually available in a variety of different brand names.​

Yup, you read that correctly–the E-Vapor exists all throughout the market, but you may have come across it named something else entirely. It’s almost an exact replica of the Amanoo E Hookah Head. You can also find it branded as the Buck Naked eSha. Beyond these different names, they’re pretty much the same exact product.


Price: $99.99

Here’s the one that started it all: the Square E-Head. If you know anything about vaping, then you know about Square–they’re one of the premier e-cigarette manufacturers running today, and they make one heck of an e-hookah head.


Like its many clones (including devices the Volt E-Vapor), the Square E-Head has a generously adjustable voltage (3.2 to 6 volts). The battery lasts for about 45 minutes, charges fairly quickly (less than an hour for me), and it can be used while plugged in. It also comes in three different colors, and it lights up.

Check out my full review of the Square E-Head here.

square e-head

Why You Should Consider the Square E-Head

As I mentioned earlier, Square is a well known for their vaping products. Their merchandise is high quality, and they have the staying power to prove it. They’re also the guys the Starbuzz commissioned to develop their very own portable e-hookah stick, if that tells you anything.

While Square's device may have been bested by its competition in many ways, it's still a solid device--it feels premium and works great, despite an annoying bug that pops up from time to time (see next section). I still use mine from time to time, and I have no big complaints.

What to Look Out For

Every once in a while, the Square E-Head gets stuck at 6.0V. This can't be adjusted for several hours. One remedy I've found is to make sure the battery component is screwed on perfectly, which is a little harder than it should be.

Also, the Square E-Head is getting harder and harder to acquire. It sells out super quick, and it's difficult to tell when new shipments come in. So if you're interested in buying one and find one for sale, I'd grab it quick.