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Review: 800-Puff Hookah Pen by Hookah Pen King

  • July 12, 2015 /

Hookah Pen King 800-Puff Review

Up until this point, I have focused my reviews solely on rechargeable vape devices geared towards hookah smokers. If you’ve read any of my older posts, then you know I’m a big fan of E-Hookahs, and I truly believe them to be a more-than-adequate substitute for the “real thing.”

The problem: E-Hookahs aren’t necessarily cheap, and it’s difficult to make a purchasing decision based completely on written reviews and YouTube videos. What happens when you shell out $100 for an E-Hookah device only to discover that vaping really isn’t for you? The answer: immediate disappointment.

This is where devices like the 800-Puff Hookah Pen from Hookah Pen King come into play. Retailing for  a penny less than $11, the 800-Puff Hookah Pen is a neat little disposable vaping unit that promises a “no tar, no ash, no fire” experience with zero-nicotine. It’s the kind of purchase that you can make on a whim, and thanks to several flavor options, picking one that suites your pallet is super easy.

But hey, there are tons of disposable Hookah Pens available for purchase–is the 800-Puff really worth the $10.99 asking price? And in a sea of throw-away vaping devices, does it deserve to be described as “hookah-like?” These answer, and many more, await after the break!

What is the 800-Puff Hookah Pen?

The 800-Puff Hookah Pen is the house brand of disposable E-Hookahs from Hookah Pen King, an online retailer dedicated to selling “hookah-like” vaping devices. They come in several flavors, are about the size of traditional e-cigarettes, and, as the name suggests, offer 800 size-allotted puffs of flavored vape.


Like any given disposable vaping device, the 800-Puff cannot be refilled with new e-liquid and it cannot be charged beyond what comes out of the box. With this in mind, it’s important to get your expectations in check. I’m not going to compare them to reusable/rechargeable portable hookahs like the Starbuzz E-Hose or the NorthSmoke Scorpion, because they aren’t philosophically the same thing. Once they’re used up, they’re used up–you throw the one you have away, and replace it with a new unit.

It’s important to note that the 800-Puff is a nicotine-free affair. So right off the bat, this means that it will never have the “bite” of smoking actual shisha–but that’s okay. There’s more to hookah smoking than getting your fill of nicotine, and in this case it all really boils down to flavor and cloud size–two things that the 800-Puff does incredibly well (we’ll get into more details about these things later on in the review).

How well is the 800-Puff Hookah Pen built and how does it look?

Disposable vaping devices are almost always a mixed bag when it comes to build quality, but I’m happy to report that the 800-Puff is a pretty sturdy little doohickey. Most of it is made out of soft plastic, which allows the 800-Puff to be both incredibly light and pleasant to touch. I was able to carry one around in my pocket for most of the day without noticing anything unusual protruding at my side, and accessing it during times of need was both incredibly easy and appropriately convenient.


Aesthetically, it’s a fairly attractive, albeit generic, design. The body features a purple-to-black gradient, with a little diamond design wrapped around the base. Tacky? Sure, but it’s also reminiscent of “fancy” hookah hoses, which I’m pretty sure is what they’re going for. As a seasoned hookah smoker, I appreciate little things like this.

What I liked the most, however, is that the tip of the 800-Puff is shaped like that of a hookah hose. It looks super neat, but having this kind of tip also serves a functional purpose: it fits in your mouth better. I was able to rest the 800-Puff between my teeth as a means of support, freeing up my hands to do other things (like type this review). This is how I tend to “hold” a traditional hookah hose when I’m not expected to share, and it just made everything a little bit easier.

Looks are great and all, but tell me more about flavor and vape quality.


The Flavor Question

For this review, I tried out two very different flavors–mango and cotton candy. I’ve always preferred fruit flavors over “synthetic” candy flavors, so I wasn’t shocked to find that I preferred the mango one. This is, naturally, highly subjective, and there are several flavor options to choose from, but I can tell you this: both flavors were authentic. The mango unit tasted like a fresh mango, and the cotton candy unit tasted like sugar.

I obviously can’t review all the flavors available–nor would I honestly want to (you couldn’t pay me to try banana or grape anything…no thank you, sir). Thankfully, Hookah Pen King does a great job differentiating between them by providing a “flavor rating” and a “cloud size” gauge underneath each product description.

The Vape Question

Vaping on the 800-Puff couldn’t be simpler: there are no buttons to press, and nothing to modify. You simply take it out of the package, remove the rubber stoppers at the base and the tip, put it between your lips and inhale. My review units didn’t need any time to warm up or “soak,” and my very first puff from both of them resulted in big, satisfying “hookah-like” clouds.


One thing I should mention, however, is that the “pull” is a little more resistant than what I’m used to. It isn’t hard, per se, but inhaling required a little more effort than that of an actual (properly set-up) hookah. I got used to it after a solid day of usage, and it didn’t really bother me after that.

Regardless of that, the 800-Puff is a smooth vape. Thanks to the whole zero-nicotine aspect, neither one of the flavors burned the back of my throat (a big issue I have with most disposable e-cigarettes), so I was able to enjoy the flavor and clouds without any physical annoyance.

Is the 800-Puff Hookah Pen a good value?

As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of disposable hookah pen options available, and while the 800-Puff does a great job standing alongside its competitors, it doesn’t really do anything to set it apart from the crowd. In this case, it’s all about how much bang you get for your proverbial buck.

Hookah Pen King is asking $10.99 for one 800-Puff. A little research shows that comparable, upper tier devices from brands like Fantasia and Starbuzz usually go for around $15. It’s not a huge jump, but every penny counts, and since the 800-Puff is in no way inferior to these so-called “premium” brands I’d say it’s a pretty good deal. You end up getting the same by paying a little less. In my world, we call this a “win-win.”

What’s even more important than that is the shipping cost. I don’t know about you, but I really hate attempting to buy E-Hookah related products online only to discover that the vendor is asking for $12 flat-rate shipping. It makes sense when you’re buying in bulk, but it discourages quick and easy purchases like replacement e-liquid or disposable devices like the 800-Puff. So I was pleased to discover that Hookah Pen King was only asking $2.15 to ship a single 800-Puff to my Washington address via USPS. These rates are variable depending on where you live, but it still goes to show that they’re more than fair when it comes to shipping.

The Verdict: is the 800-Puff Hookah Pen worth it?

The 800-Puff Hookah Pen is a great little device at an inexpensive price point that does everything a disposable E-Hookah should do. Throw in a reasonable shipping rates from Hookah Pen King, and you easily have a great value in front of you.

With that said, the 800-Puff isn’t necessarily for everyone. As someone accustomed to having a little nicotine mixed in with my e-liquid, I couldn’t actually consider the zero-nicotine 800-Puff as an alternative for my rechargeable/refillable vaping tools.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy using them, though. While the 800-Puff didn’t satisfy my daily body-poisoning ritual, having one on hand during the day was actually quite delightful. Thanks to their inconspicuous size, I was able to carry one around with me all day and partake in break-time “smoke sessions” with my fellow co-workers–an activity that larger, less portable E-Hookah devices don’t necessarily allow for.

But if you are in it for the sake of flavor (and maybe habit) alone, and don’t need a nicotine fix, the 800-Puff is perfectly suitable. And like I mentioned in the introduction, hookah pens are a great way to test the waters and see if vaping really is something you want to get into. For $10.99, you could do a whole lot worse.

Disclaimer: the review units were provided to me by Hookah Pen King at no charge. I received no compensation for writing this review.


I think Hookah Pen King is no more–the website has been down for a while, and I can’t seem to find a web presence anywhere. I went searching for identical products, but it looks like this particular 800-puff e-hookah pen has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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