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Review: Volt E-Vapor Electronic Hookah Bowl

  • August 23, 2015 /

Review: Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl


Electronic hookah heads are my favorite way to vape. Yes, they aren’t portable, and no, they aren’t exactly the most efficient way to use e-liquid, but no other vaping products mimic the sensation of an actual hookah quite like them. If you are an ex-shisha smoker like myself, then these quirky little devices are something of a godsend.

What is the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl?

The Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl is a vaping device that takes the place of a regular bowl on top of a traditional hookah pipe. Instead of shisha, the E-Vapor uses e-liquid–the same stuff you’ll find in all vaping devices/e-cigarettes–that is held in a 10 ml clearomizer tank. It is powered by a 2400mAH battery that holds a charge for roughly 60 minutes of non-stop use (you can also use it plugged into a power socket). It features a user-controlled variable voltage (3.2 to 6.0V) and a puff timer–both visible on an LED screen on top of the device.

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Build quality and aesthetic appeal

Upon my initial unboxing, I found the Volt E-Vapor to be decent, if unremarkable, looking device. It sports an all-metal cylindrical body, which is nice, but the plastic top feels a little cheap, and as a whole the E-Vapor didn’t feel quite as “premium” as other e-hookah devices I’ve used in the past.

On its own, the Volt E-Vapor looks a little dull

On its own, the Volt E-Vapor looks a little dull.

Once I placed it on top of a hookah, I changed my tune a bit. The vertical design actually looks pretty good on both larger and smaller hookahs, and since most of the E-Vapor’s weight is placed on the bottom section, it balances itself quite nicely. I can definitely see a function over form design choice in play here, which is good for the longevity of this device.

Things fare a little better on top of an actual hookah.

Things fare a little better on top of an actual hookah.

Another smart design choice: the slightly exposed center section allows you to see how much e-liquid you have left in the clearomizer tank. There’s also a red LED light placed directly underneath the tank section that is activated when you pull a vape, giving off the impression of burning coals. The exposed midsection also allows excess vapor to leave the device, therefore preventing any inner clouding. It makes cleaning the E-Vapor very easy, and it looks pretty darn cool. All in all, a nice touch.

An LED light placed at the bottom glows when you pull a vape.

An LED light placed at the bottom glows when you pull a vape.

Check out this unboxing video I made:

How well does the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl vape?

Looks are subjective, and even though I wasn’t really blown away with the “prettiness” element, there’s a far more important factor that will probably sway a purchasing decision–like how well this thing actually works.

First thing’s first–it’s important to know that, when it comes to e-hookah heads, your vape is only ever as good as the e-liquid that you’re using. For my taste, I have found that a PG/VG ratio of 50:50 with 6mg of nicotine provides the most “hookah-like” sensation, so that’s what I’ll be using for the entirety of this review.

*UPDATE* I’ve recently switched to 3mg of nicotine, and it’s equally as great. So 6mg or less is probably your best bet here.

Setting the Volt E-Vapor up was a breeze. It was  slightly charged right of of the box, so I immediately unscrewed the top portion, placed a filled clearomizer tank into the slot, screwed it all back together, and placed in on top of a ready-to-go hookah. After waiting a few minutes for the atomizer to fill, I set the voltage to 3.2V (the lowest it can go), took my first puff, and–drum-roll please–it worked! As expected, I was rewarded with smooth, tasty vapor. Turning the voltage up slightly to 4.0V resulted in even bigger clouds. Going all the way up to 6.0V made the biggest clouds, but the vapor was a little too hot for my liking. I would personally stay within 3.2-4.5V for best results.

Taking a closer look at the clearomizer tank.

As mentioned, the included clearomizer tank features a 10 ml capacity, which is slightly larger than the one used for the Square E-Head, but other than that, it’s almost identical. The body itself is made out of plastic, which means that certain darker e-liquids may crack it, which is a bummer. That said, I have used darker e-liquids in the past, and have yet to crack a plastic tank. This is probably because I never really leave the tanks filled for an extended amount of time–I go through at least one entire tank every day. I have also left darker e-liquid in tanks overnight. My point–your milage may vary, but I haven’t had any problems. I’ll update this section if I ever do.

*UPDATE* Turns out, this tank is the same one used for the Square E-Head. The problem? The Square E-Head claims to have an 8ml tank. So what is it–8ml or 10ml? Either way, it lasts for a decent amount of time.

The 10 ml clearomizer tank.

The 10 ml clearomizer tank.

Wait a second…haven’t I seen this before?

If you’ve been scouting around for e-hookah heads, then you may noticed that the Volt E-Vapor sports a design very similar to other e-hookah heads from differing brands, notably the Amanoo E Hookah Head. While there are a few differences–the logo on top and the font used in the LED screen immediately come to mind–these devices are generally the same. I’m inclined to believe that these are all coming from the same Chinese manufacturer and are then branded separately.

Check out this video to see the Volt E-Vapor in action:

Final thoughts: is the Volt E-Vapor Hookah Bowl worth it?

I’m a fan of what Volt has brought to the table with the E-Vapor Hookah Bowl, though I’m not necessarily blown away by it. This is probably because, as a whole, the E-Vapor isn’t in itself revolutionary, at least not for someone who has been using an e-hookah head for as long as myself.

But this doesn’t mean that the E-Vapor is a bad product; on the contrary, it’s a rather excellent one. It may not have broken the mold, but in many ways, the design used here is slightly superior to even the Square E-Head, even if it may not look quite as snazzy.

For those wishing to get into vaping via hookah, the Volt E-Vapor is a great choice. If you are looking to buy one, do yourself a favor and throw in a few extra clearomizer tanks into your order. Most online hookah retailers use flat-rate shipping, which means you’ll end up paying the same amount for a few more items. You’re going to be needing them, anyway.

One more thing–if you’re buying from SouthSmoke.com, make sure to check out the “Deals” section before finalizing…your purchase could qualify for a free gift! I was able to snag a brand new hookah pipe for free with my purchase, which was totally awesome.


Since buying the Volt E-Vapor, I’ve been using it pretty much elusively. Why? Simply because it works just as well as the Square E-Head, but never once has given me any errors. I sincerely believe that Square’s E-Head is a wonderful product, but the Volt E-Vapor works ever so slightly better. Between the two, I’d personally go with the Volt.

Unfortunately, the price has also gone up since I first written this review, and I’ve adjusted this all throughout the article. My economics-sense is tingling, and it suggests that supply and demand is the biggest issue here. E-hookah heads are becoming rarer, and the Volt E-Vapor seems to be one of the last. It’s a good thing that it’s such a solid product…I’ve been using mine for two years and it works just as great today as it did when I bought it.


  • Smooth vape and large clouds! What more could you want?
  • LED lights at the bottom give off the illusion of burning coals.
  • Non-proprietary tank means you can use any brand of e-liquid.
  • Exposed center chamber prevents gunk from building up inside.


  • Boring design.
  • Top plastic section feels a little cheap.
  • Completely useless if you don’t have a hookah.

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